The American Centrist

This blog is about current events and politics. It had its formation many years ago in a corporate meeting room where our executive team met with great frequency to discuss issues, solve problems and plan for the future.

That team had intellectual, political and creative breadth that spanned the gamut from conservative to liberal; from traditionalists to reformers.

It was that breadth and our ability to work together as a team that led to our success. Most importantly, it was our ability to listen to one another, to see life as it really is and to then deal with it that led to our success. That is what is lacking in today’s America be it in Congress or simply out on the street.

We have become a polarized nation; a nation of my way or the highway. In doing so we have lost part of what made America great. This blog, therefore, is about the American Centrist.

I believe that many Americans, in the words of a friend of mine, believe in being both socially and fiscally responsible. While the extremes get all of the media attention the centrist has a far different agenda and one that is much more demanding.

Take the time to go to and; the official websites of both.

At Mrs. Clinton’s site you will see a raft of positions covering a wide breadth of subjects. There are any number of platforms many of which will cost a lot of money. Her plan is to increase taxes on the rich and corporations. But there is no hard data to estimate what the costs or tax increases are going to be. Nor is there any factual detail on how we will improve our existing financial condition. We have absolutely no idea whether her plan works socially and fiscally.

At Mr. Trump’s site you are going to see material tax cuts that in theory are going to put more people to work and drive the economy forward. Other than the wall, there is very little time spent on social responsibility. His plan is just as bereft of financial data as his opponent.

So we are left with polar positions neither of which forge a plan that is both socially responsible and fiscally sound. In Congress, our elected representatives mirror that kind of thinking. There is no willingness to work together, to compromise and to come up with legislation that is balanced and will guide the nation forward. As a result we have been living in an extended period of stalemate with no end in sight. That’s what’s wrong with America today.

To be successful as a Nation we must change the rhetoric and the dialogue. That is what this blog is going to be all about. If you are an ardent Democrat or Republican I ask you to begin to think differently about the views of the other side. I believe that leadership is about embracing everyone for it is only when everyone benefits that society truly moves ahead.

My vision is simple. We must recognize that all people are equal and that together, to borrow a phrase from General McCrystal we must be a team of teams. The exclusionary rhetoric of racism, religion, sexism or homophobia isn’t what made America great and it isn’t how teams operate.

Second, we must have a goal of benefiting all Americans in everything we do. Government, corporations and the citizenry all must have a real responsibility to work together to accomplish that.

Third, We must insure that our education system is ranked number one in the world for every child regardless of socioeconomic status. Bluntly, if we don’t do that America cannot continue to reign supreme.

Fourth, together we must grow jobs. It begins with communities and parents accepting the responsibility for insuring that their children go to school, learn and are prepared to work in the future of America. Then, it becomes the job of government and industry to supply enough quality, well paying jobs. Offshoring jobs and corporate profits are the antithesis of this objective.

Fifth, we must take care of all Americans to the best of our ability. We can’t do everything for everyone but the poor, the handicapped, the elderly, the sick and the myriad of minorities in America must be treated with equality, respect and an honest effort to do the best for them that we can. That is true of our environment as well. This is our social conscience.

Sixth, the world is a very dangerous place. We must have a military that is second to none. But, just as with our social conscience, we can’t do everything for everyone. We must control expenditures. In 2015 America spent 37% of the world’s total military budget. Our expenditures are about equal to that of the next seven largest military budgets combined to include China and Russia.

We must do all of this in a fiscally responsible manner. Otherwise, tax increases for everyone is the only way in which we can achieve our seventh and final objective.

We must begin to repair the financial excesses of the past. That is no small task in and of itself. But we must do that while moving the Nation forward at the same time. That will be a herculean task that can only be accomplished if our entire society is working together as a team.

That can’t be done without embracing everyone’s thinking, compromising and having patience. In truth we need to come together as centrists and demand change.

That is what this blog will be about.

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